Powder Coating

The benefits of powder coating are many. Compared to other kinds of painting, powder coating provides a stronger and more impact-resistant surface because you can apply a thicker and more uniform coat layer. This makes the result extra durable and wear-resistant, while also providing effective protection from corrosion because the coat thickness works as a barrier.

At ASTON SWEDEN we have many years of experience with powder coating and large production facilities at our disposal. Both small and very large volumes of products are supplied in more than 650 colors.

Our in-house powder painting facility is our guarantee for fast and reliable deliveries and consistent quality.

Why doesn’t everyone offer powder coating?

The short answer is: because it is difficult. Powder coating is a demanding discipline. It takes a high degree of technical competence to establish and develop the manufacturing and all the processes.  

The large volume of coating is done on full-automatic high-speed lines that we have developed and built ourselves. Smaller volumes are handled in a specialized process that gives us versatility: we can powder coat screws of any shape or size that may not be suitable for automatic processes, and we can apply unique colors to meet specific project requirements.

The combination of large-scale automatic coating and smaller coating lines allows us to be flexible and fast and provide great service for our customers: no job is too big or too small.

The quality of the coating is tested and measured in different ways, including coat thickness, coat uniformity, optimal adhesion, and hardening of the powder. We use Polyester-based powder in accordance with Qualicoat Category Level 1 for excellent quality. This way, we ensure that the coating has a high degree of durability and can withstand harsh weather conditions while reducing the risk of chipping or scratching from installation.

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