Quality management is an important part of everyday life at ASTON SWEDEN. We have large test- and lab facilities at our disposal that serve two purposes: Quality control and development projects. Quality control is a natural part of our procedures, where we document and test our product’s quality and performance. Our quality control is performed according to international standards. We perform advanced production control on all our products, including SPC (Statistic Process Control) and batch control.

Our test laboratory includes: 


Drill time tester

X-ray equipment

Optical emission spectrometer

Hardness tester

2D measure device


Tension tester

Based on our procedures and quality management we have received the following certificates that confirm our authority as a strong manufacturer and partner:

ISO 9001: Quality Management System

Our ISO 9001 certification shows that we uphold an international standard for quality management systems. The recognition from an accredited certification body verifies that our processes have been examined and streamlined. In short, the ISO 9001 certificate means that when we implement a plan, policy, or routine, and analyze how well they are executed so we can continue to improve.

Iso 14001: Environmental management system 

ISO 14001 is an international standard for environmental certification. It verifies that we uphold and improve a good standard in our environmental work. With more sustainable solutions we save both time and money, but also resources. In this way, our goal is to do our part for a more sustainable future and strengthen our employees’ environmental competencies.

AAA Economy rating

Triple-A (AAA) is the highest rating that a company can receive. It is proof of the company’s financial stability and ability to perform through booms and busts in the economy. This rating has been a strength of ours since 2003.