We believe that a true manufacturer masters the entire process from wire to finished product. That’s the reason we handle the entire production chain directly from wire coils in our factory in Karlskoga. We continually optimize our manufacturing, and through many years of development, we have achieved deep technical knowledge of production methods, materials, and quality management. 

Our primary Production activities

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Advantages of in-house manufacturing 

Our in-house manufacturing gives us large advantages that benefit our customers. As we are responsible for every part of the production process, we are in full control to ensure our delivery capability.

We are always close to the manufacturing, which makes us flexible and fast – we can produce prototypes and new product lines and quickly identify and correct mistakes to ensure high, uniform product quality.  

We maintain focus

We rather want to excel at a few things than be pretty good at many things. We keep our focus and continuously offer products of greater quality and performance. 

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