How are screws manufactured?

Using great force, 3 fundamental cold forming processes transform wire into a head, drill point, and thread.

At ASTON SWEDEN we are specialists in cold forming of self-tapping and self-drilling screws in aluminum and stainless steel.

ASTON wire for screw production sub_image

Screws are made from stainless steel or aluminum wire coils. The wire is carefully chosen to match the design and application of the screw.

ASTON screw heading machine head_image
Heading: One-Die, Two-Punch

The wire is fed to the heading machine, which straightens and cuts the wire into a blank. The blank is then punched twice where the first punch partly shapes the head. The second punch forms the final head shape including a potential recess.

ASTON screw drill point machine sub_image

The drill point is shaped by punching two dies closely together around the tip of the headed blank, deforming the tip of the blank into the desired drill point.