Professional Fastening

ASTON SWEDEN develops unique products and fastening solutions for construction and the manufacturing industry



We handle the entire manufacturing process from wire to finished product. Our in-house manufacturing makes us flexible with strong logistics, so we can provide the highest quality and delivery performance. 

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Our focus is on product quality. We are a certified manufacturer according to ISO 9001, and we carry out ongoing tests and quality control to make sure that we deliver products of high, uniform quality.

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Product Development

Our strong developer team creates new and unique products to stay at the forefront of development. For our customers, this results in products with unique designs, faster installation times, enhanced corrosion resistance, etc.

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Your projects and challenges are always at the center of what we do. We don’t stop until the right solution is found.

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Heart & Soul

We are passionate about fasteners and manufacturing, and we are proud of the personal touch our products have. As you work with us, you will feel our dedication and fighting spirit.   

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Our purpose is to solve our customer’s challenges, and we grow because we make a real difference for our customers.

You will add almost 40 years of professional dedication and experience with fastening solutions to your project.